Station 2

Will some sort of blackout lens covers be available to help with immersion when watching movies etc?

Yes, there is a cover in the package.

Can screen be fixed in one position?

How Station connect to HDMI or Micro HDMI port on TV or projector ?

Does it support spatial display for MacBook Pro m2?

I want to use these for video/photo production. Are they suitable for that? What is the color accuracy like? Can I wire them to my video rig in the same way I would an external monitor? The campaign information is a little confusing. It makes it seem like

Can the HDMI connected sources also be controlled in: size, distance, and locked placement?

Any support for hand tracking like Leap motion controller?

What is the difference between software adjustment of pupil distance and hardware adjustment?

Can Station 2 connect to Switch?

If the battery pack quiet or is there a loud fan? What's the noise level from 1-10?

How to move files from the app transfer via cloud?

Can we get the detailed of the station 2? Like what memory and storage it use (lpddr5 and UFS3.1?)

How about the Station 2's hot problem?

Would I be able to remotely connect to a device via the rokid station 2 so that I don't need to be connected directly to the device I need to stream?

Can external APK applications be installed from the store like on Android?

Can the Chrome interface refresh multiple tabs? Can I open multiple pages of the same application at the same time (e.g. 3 Google Chrome browsers)?