Show off Your Rokid Max and Win Amazing Prizes!

Dear Rokid fans, As a token of our appreciation, we have organized a special event just for you! Anyone who shares the using experience of Rokid Max has a chance to win a TOTAL refund!


May 26th to July 15th

  • 2 lucky winners will receive a FULL REFUND on their orders 
  • 3 winners will be awarded a complete set of Rokid Max accessories

How to enter:

Share 1-3 photos or 1 video of our Rokid Max, and write a few sentences about your review or experience with Rokid Max on your Facebook page/Twitter/Instagram (you can choose one platform you prefer). It could be a selfie with Rokid Max, a joyful moment of your family using Rokid Max, or even a creative setup on your desk. Anything related to Rokid Max is welcome! But don't forget to use #MaxYourExperience so we can find you!


If you have already shared your feedback on Rokid Max before and you want to participate in the activity, just move your post to Facebook or Instagram, or Twitter and add the hashtag #MaxYourExperience to your post. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!