Can I wear the glasses if I have myopia?

The Rokid Max glasses offer a highly customizable experience, with adjustments ranging from 0.00D to –6.00D for nearsighted users. You can easily adjust the display definition for each eye with the convenient knobs located above the glasses. For optimal clarity, we recommend adjusting one eye at a time by closing one eye and adjusting the corresponding knob until the display is clear, then repeating the process for the other eye.

If you have an eye prescription beyond this range, we encourage you to contact our official prescription partners, Lensology. Lensology provides a comprehensive package solution to help you customize the Rokid Max glasses to your exact needs, including for all other eye prescriptions. With their expertise and support, you can enjoy a seamless experience with a comfortable and clear visual experience. Don't let your prescription needs hold you back from experiencing the full potential of the Rokid Max glasses.